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The Worm fest

The anticipated and somewhat dreaded day had arrived. Everyone had assembled and been divided into goups of two Miranda and Gretchen had been pared up .  They both felt sick at the thoute of dissecting a  worm. In hailing deeply they headed downstairs. The video that was used for a guide was ready and waiting. Miranda pushed play and they sat back and watched the video. A woman aperd on the screen telling about many kinds of worm such as flat, ronde, and segmented worms. Then came the time to dissect. Gretchen pulled the brownish green worm out of the bag and placed them on the dissecting tray. YUCK! Miranda that is gross grabing a start pin reluctently she tacked down the head followed by the tail of her worm. Then with scaples they carefully cut from the head  to the cadel. WOW! Thought Gretchen. I never thought that this much in a worm. This is not as gross as I thought it would be. When the slice was completed thay had to pry their worms open and pin them down. Then picking up the prepared pins they carefully placed the pins in the heart. Crop, and sadle as they were requewsted to do. From natural courisity they continued to prie into the worm. They could identify from the diagram  when they were finished they proudly picked up their tray and took it upstairs to put with the others. Both girls were very proud . They had cut open and disected ans labeled many parts and without getting sick. As a matter of fact they rather enjoyed it.

Miranda Friske
Gretchen Elsasser

Four New Friends

It is a nice sunny spring day and Henry and Harry are having fun at recess playing a good game of hop-scotch. When all of a sudden they saw someone picking on the little worms, they thought they sould do something! They walked to that someone and said "pick on some worm your own size!" And the bully turned around and said "like you?!" They were skared to fight because that someone was a girl, so they ran because they were chicken to fight a girl. They stoped at the jungle jim and climbed up it until they reached the top. They stayed up there disiding about what they should do about the bully. Then the bell rang and the bully left, so they climbed down and went in the school to finish their school. Then the next day they waited for the bully, so they could talk to her and maybe change her mind about picking on little worms, and she came and she disided to be nice and they become friends. At recess they met Lillian (Lilly for short) at the swings, and that s how they became the four new friends.

The End
Mercedes Friske
Kaitlyn Elsasser


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